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Creative Ways to Use Social Media Marketing to Attract More Customers

What do your customers – and everyone else – waste most of their time on? Hint: it’s an obvious answer. You probably guessed it – social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…all these sites have us hooked. We spend a lot of our downtime scrolling through our feeds, living vicariously through our friends and family. So if […]

Qtips: Four Things Retail Merchants Forget They Need

Owning a business can sometimes feel like a whirlwind. So much you have to do, and only so many hours in the day to get it all done. Today’s edition of “Qtips” isn’t about those big items on your to-do list. After all, I don’t think you’re going to forget to open your doors or […]

Visa, Mastercard Announce Changes to Chargeback Monitoring Programs

Visa and Mastercard recently outlined new changes to their chargeback monitoring programs. A chargeback monitoring program is a specialized program for merchants who experience a high number of chargebacks, with the purpose being to help these merchants reduce the number of chargebacks filed against them. It’s critical you choose a payment processor that will monitor […]

Square Just Changed Their Processing Rates. What Does That Mean for Your Business?

Heard the news yet? Square, one of the most recognizable processors in the payments space, announced that they’ll be making changes to their processing rates. Rather than charge their signature 2.75% flat rate, they’ll now charge merchants a 2.6% flat rate and an extra $0.10 per transaction. That math sounds confusing, and it is. If […]

ISO Agents! Come Find Us at WSAA 2019!

They told you that agents never have job security. They underpaid you for hustling in the field. Your residuals never reflected the work you put in to close deals, nor could those residuals fund the lifestyle that deep down you felt like you deserved. It’s about time that changed, don’t you think? At Quantum Electronic […]

Qtips: The Truth About Credit Card Minimums

Today, we’re trying something a little different. We’re introducing our “Qtips” series – merchant insights packaged into short, easy-to-read summaries! Think of these as mini blogs that you can read on your lunch break, before bed, or even while you’re waiting in line at the grocery store. Our first topic? Credit card minimums. You see […]

3 Ways to Protect Your Retail Business from Theft

Imagine walking into your business on a Monday morning…only to find your front window shattered, your POS system missing, and your inventory in disarray. Awful feeling, right? Now imagine going to sleep at night, not a single worry in mind, because you know your retail business is fortified with powerful security technology. Great feeling, right? […]

How the Best Local Businesses Get the Most out of Their Employees

Quantum Electronic Payments Q500 Promotion

In business, hiring the right person is like winning the lottery. Leadership is everything – those with it succeed, and those without it falter. That’s why a baseball team could lose 100 games one season, hire the right coach, and then win 100 games the following season. It explains why a classroom with poor test […]

In Need of Merchant Processing? Watch Out for These Three Deceptive Practices

Let’s be real: you don’t care about merchant processing. What I mean is that you don’t care how credit card information travels from your POS terminal to the banks and back. You don’t care about what the credit card companies are doing, or about the latest regulations they put in place – unless they directly […]

Here’s How You Can Prevent Credit Card Fraud Before It Happens

Your customers value nothing more than their own security. Unfortunately, most credit card users feel anything but secure. With the advent of technology, hackers are slipping passed firewalls and security checks with ease. Some people even distrust these security systems enough to avoid using credit cards altogether. Enter you, the merchant – the one whose […]

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