5 Things to Take Away from Target’s Customer Mishap

Last weekend, customers at Target stores across the country saw their worst nightmares come true as the stores’ checkout stations broke down. Angry customer after angry customer flooded the store while Target staff members could only stand by until the problem was fixed. While Target attributes Saturday’s outage to an “internal technology issue”, they believe […]

The Top 3 Lies That Payment Processors Love to Tell

How does a foot injury relate to the payment processing industry? Let’s say Sam’s got a broken foot and needs to wear a special pair of shoes until he heals. Naturally, he checks out his local shoe store to find a pair, where one of the employees meets him to show him around. They get […]

Is Apple Pay Worth Your Business’s Time?

  Quantum Electronic Payments is an authorized Apple Pay dealer that helps you transform the way your business accepts payment transactions. With the release of the new iPhone iOS system, payment transactions have never been more simple. You can now process payments without manually swiping a credit or debit card. For the merchant, not much […]

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