Qoin Gateway: The Future of Payments Technology

Qoin Gateway represents a leap forward in Payment Technology, delivering frictionless transactions and next-generation functionality long sought after by merchants and SaaS platforms alike.

Covid and the Rise of Chargebacks

Accepting credit cards is an essential factor in operating a business that many take for granted. The payment industry often centers around payment processing rates, programs and equipment. But what if a credible, popular and well-established business suddenly has their ability to accept credits cards jeopardized? As chargebacks rose to unprecedented heights when orders could […]

The POS that Could Solve Your Labor and Supply Shortages

Revel POS System

Revel is a cloud-based POS system praised by restaurants and retailers alike. It’s now been 10 years since this iPad-based system revolutionized the market by automating tedious tasks for thousands of businesses. In the current post-pandemic business landscape, Revel could be the difference between thriving and surviving. So how does an iPad get businesses back […]

Want More Revenue? Let Your Customers Pay the Way They Want with NFC

Cash, checks, coupons, swiping, chips, contactless technology, EBT. These are just a few of the ways customers pay for goods in today’s economy. Now let’s say you own your own business. Why would you refuse to let your customers pay the way they want to? That’s flushing revenue you could be making down the drain! […]

How to Steal Away Amazon’s Customers with Your POS System

Amazon is coming for your customers. You might have heard about Amazon Go, the company’s new retail chain that runs without cashiers and cash registers. Customers simply walk in, buy what they need, and leave – all while their Amazon app charges them from their pocket. It’s literally as easy as it sounds. But does […]

Prepare Yourself, Shoppers Are Coming

With Black Friday shopping less than a week away, it’s crunch time for merchants as they prepare for waves of shoppers looking for holiday deals. Merchants can alleviate some of the pressure and streamline their business operations during the holiday months by implementing these four tactics: Make sure your Payments are in working order: Retailers […]

Quantum POS: Streamline Operations Using Employee Scheduling and Management Tools

Quantum Electronic Payments Q500 Promotion

Employee Management for a business can very often be a difficult and daunting task, in particular when having to juggle various employee schedules. Many businesses still rely on a good old fashioned piece of paper on a board in the breakroom to distribute schedules and allow employees to request scheduling changes. Does this work? Yes. […]

Is Apple Pay Worth Your Business’s Time?

  Quantum Electronic Payments is an authorized Apple Pay dealer that helps you transform the way your business accepts payment transactions. With the release of the new iPhone iOS system, payment transactions have never been more simple. You can now process payments without manually swiping a credit or debit card. For the merchant, not much […]

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