How to Steal Away Amazon’s Customers with Your POS System

Amazon is coming for your customers.

You might have heard about Amazon Go, the company’s new retail chain that runs without cashiers and cash registers. Customers simply walk in, buy what they need, and leave – all while their Amazon app charges them from their pocket. It’s literally as easy as it sounds.

But does that level of convenience signal the death of traditional retail stores? Not in the slightest. See, you can offer something that Amazon’s automated stores could never, ever compete with: customer care. That feeling of being a “regular” at your local coffee shop, or the thrill of collecting enough points to redeem a free sandwich on your next visit, or even those conversations you share with your hairdresser – that’s the personal touch that keeps brick and mortar businesses alive and well today.

That’s why you don’t just need a POS system that simplifies checkout; you need one that communicates to your customers that you value their business. You’ll earn their business, and they’ll refer their friends to you.

Rack Up Loyalty Rewards

Everyone loves a good reward – especially when that reward is tangible and easy to use.

Your ideal POS system will reward your most loyal customers for their business. Just picture it: a new customer buys a drink from your coffee shop. After they insert their card into your EMV card reader, your POS tablet prompts them to enter their name and phone number. Once the sale processes, their cell phone buzzes with a friendly text message thanking them for stopping by. They’re even told how many rewards points they’ve accrued up to that point.

The right POS system will automate all of this for you. That’s how it should be. After all, your focus needs to be on scaling your business and multiplying your income, not on manually accounting for each of your repeat customers. It only makes sense for you to invest in a powerful POS system that tracks all of this for you.

But doesn’t Amazon have its own rewards program? It does, but you have to become an Amazon Prime member – a cost of $99 per month – to score rewards. That’s a high price to pay. Instead, why not invest in a POS system that automatically notifies your customers at checkout whenever they’re eligible to cash in on a reward? Simple and free for the customer.

Speed Up Your Checkout

Amazon Go’s main selling point is their speed of checkout. How do you compete with a system that’s run entirely by smart computers? Well, you don’t have to.

The good news is that your customers won’t balk at your checkout process as long as it doesn’t drag on for too long and isn’t tedious. So how do you ensure that that’s the case?

First, your POS system needs to operate seamlessly: credit card in, easy-to-follow instructions, credit card out, done. You want a POS system that accepts credit and debit cards, along with gift cards, vouchers, and cash. The more payment options you give the customer, the smoother the checkout process will run. However, if a business uses an outdated POS system, it can easily hold up checkout and frustrate your customers.

Another tip? Invest in multiple POS systems. While it might initially be an added expense, your customers will appreciate waiting in shorter lines.

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Nurture Your Client Base

Amazon Go attracts pretty passive customers. What does that mean?

After they purchase what they need from the store, then dissociate themselves from the experience. They’re not thinking about Amazon throughout the rest of their day, week, month – you get it. That’s their business model, but you can do better.

If you’re using the right POS system, you’ll be able to set up back-end digital marketing campaigns to nurture your client base while they’re away from your business. That’s your chance to build a relationship with them, which will increase the likelihood of them becoming one of your regular customers. Share free content and tips and keep your business at the front of their minds. If done correctly, these customers will bite on the exclusive deals you text or email them. Your client base will only grow larger and become more loyal to you.

So…Are You Ready to Take on Amazon?

Amazon Go is an innovative new way to shop, yet it misses the mark when it comes to personalizing the customer experience. Customer care has always been the calling card of small retail stores, mom-and-pop shops, and upstart businesses. Now more then ever, that’s the edge you have over the bigger corporations.

That’s why you need a POS system that makes the purchasing experience enjoyable and stress-free for your customers. From reducing the amount of time your customers wait in line, to hosting a loyalty program that rewards your customers for purchasing, to nurturing your first-time customers through text and email, your POS system matters when it comes to caring for your customers in a consistent way.

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