A Letter from CEO Jerry Lai – Taking Over the Payment Processor World

Dear Business Owner/ Entrepreneur / Go-Getter,

Don’t you want to take your money back from the banks?

The credit card payment industry is a daunting and confusing world to navigate. You’ve got the banks, your customers, payment processors, and credit card companies all looking out for themselves – and it’s often the hard-working merchant that gets caught in the middle of it all.

It’s time to take the reins back and hire a payment processor that works for you, not just for themselves. No more poor customer service, or money thrown away because your technology isn’t up-to-date. No more fraud and compliance issues that land your business in hot water.

That’s why I created Quantum Electronic Payments. My goal has always been to empower merchants nationwide, whether through outfitting their locations with high-tech equipment, hosting their online shopping carts, or teaching them how to run promotions that put money back into their pockets.

With that being said, I wanted to give you a high-level overview of what Quantum has to offer and how we approach payment processing from a different, more refreshing perspective than you might be used to.

Cutting-Edge Technology

As you probably know, your customers come before anything else. Your business will burst at the seams with paying customers if you put their satisfaction first. That’s why we partner with the leaders in the tech industry and offer their high-end products to our merchant clients at discounted rates. Even though it’s 2019, many businesses still operate with under-powered technology, so the ability to accept any form of payment (credit, debit, EBT, ACH, Apple Pay, Android Pay, etc) automatically allows you to serve more potential customers.

A Growing List of Products

That’s not all. We’re always adding to our cache of processing products and services. We recently entered a bank sponsor relationship with Commercial Bank of California (CBCAL), which means we are now able to work with more types of businesses than ever before, including higher-risk businesses. With our extensive list of merchant products, we offer you payment processing solutions that meet your business’s specific needs.

Outstanding Customer Service

Once we help you choose the suite of products/services that fit your business’s payment structure, we immediately begin the deployment phase. Our goal here is to get our products up and running at your location as soon as possible. But what if you get your new POS tablet but have no idea how to use it? Or what if your virtual terminal won’t recognize your customers’ credit card information? That’s when you contact our deployment and customer service teams, who will guide you through installation and troubleshooting on a 24/7 basis. We even use a CRM (customer relationship manager) to track customer service tickets in real time, so we can service you as quickly as possible.

The Cash Discount Program

Our most popular program among our merchants is our cash discount program – a program I created because so many businesses have no idea they’re losing money to the banks in the form of credit card processing rates. We teach business owners how to set up their own cash discount program, supply them with signage and equipment, and ensure that they run the program legally. It’s a surefire way to encourage cash payments while also recouping 100% of the revenue you’d otherwise forfeit in processing fees. You only pay $19.95/month, and we’ll process all the transactions your business can handle. Of course, we’ll evaluate your business first to see if a more traditional interchange-plus program makes more sense for you.

Industry-Leading Security

Fraud prevention and compliance are two of the biggest concerns any business that accepts credit cards should have. We put those worries to rest for you. Our in-house risk management and underwriting departments – armed with top-grade fraud prevention technology – work with you to minimize the risk of fraud impacting your business. We’ll also educate you on the basics of PCI compliance so you don’t incur any extra fees and, of course, safeguard your business from hackers and identity thieves.

We offer all of this to low and high-risk merchants across various industries – and at competitive prices. Yes, we could price our services much higher… so why don’t we? Charging you an arm and a leg for payment processing would just defeat the purpose behind why I founded this company in the first place. We’re the payment processor on a mission to stop banks and credit card companies from overpricing you for credit cards transactions; our aim is to put money back into you and your customers’ pockets.

So, are you ready to optimize your business operations, earn higher profits, win loyal repeat customers, and scale your business? Click here and we’ll analyze your business’s payment processing structure for free, from how much money you stand to save to how you can upgrade your security infrastructure.

All the best,

Jerry Lai, CEO, Quantum Electronic Payments

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