Quantum POS: Streamline Operations Using Employee Scheduling and Management Tools

Employee Management for a business can very often be a difficult and daunting task, in particular when having to juggle various employee schedules. Many businesses still rely on a good old fashioned piece of paper on a board in the breakroom to distribute schedules and allow employees to request scheduling changes. Does this work? Yes. Is there a better way? Of course there is.

Let me show you why you should be using a digital form of scheduling through your point of sale solution.

Our Quantum POS solution not only allows for you to create/edit schedules and publish them, but it also allows for your employees to send quick notes if any changes need to be made. This great feature is at no additional cost to you, the merchant! Let us take a look at how you can streamline your scheduling process by making scheduling a two-way street in one simple system.


As the owner of the business you are able to make changes to the schedule on the POS system itself. When you are logged into your personal profile (each employee has a unique pin to their profile) you will have access to all of the schedules at your fingertips. There is no need to go to the computer to make the changes. Although, the beauty of this system is that you can access it from any device with internet and a web browser, so you can make changes from virtually anywhere using what is called the “Office Backend”! There’s no fear of forgetting the scheduling binder at work to make the new schedule or having to spend time and gasoline driving back to the business in order to complete your schedule — it can all be done from work or from home.

Taking a look at the Quantum POS system above, you can see how comprehensive and user-friendly the scheduling system is. You choose an employee, choose a date, and it will allow you to make changes in an easy to use format. Once you see the time you desire for the specific day and employee, simply click on “set”.

You may have noticed that there is a “Staff Mail” column on the right side of the POS System when in the Schedule Editing function and are probably curious about what this feature has in store for you. This mail comes directly from your employees when they send you a message using the POS.

With the Quantum POS you can forget about having to keep track of all the post-it notes or hard to read scheduling requests. Your employees when clocking in/out have some great options available at their fingertips and with using these features can alleviate your time trying to find physical copies of everything and eliminates paper waste as well. If we look below the employee has the following options:

  • Clock-In/Clock-Out
  • E-mail Schedule (Employees can e-mail their own schedule to themselves)
  • Message Scheduler (Employees can send a message with scheduling requests)


This great feature allows for you to streamline the process of creating schedules and schedule change requests. You can find all the information you need in one comprehensive place. Most scheduling systems only keep the management of the business in mind. The Quantum POS also keeps your employees in mind by giving them the ability to quickly send you a note or e-mail their schedule to themselves.

Let’s take a quick overview at some of the great information we learned about the Quantum POS Scheduling Features:

  • The Scheduling Feature can be accessed from almost anywhere (Tablet based POS or Computer/Mobile Device)
  • Free Scheduling System as part of the POS, No additional Costs!
  • Eliminates paper waste of printing physical schedules
  • Allows for employees to send mail to the scheduler using the POS System

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