Quantum Sets Sail for the NEAA 2020 Annual Conference in Boston!

  Why We’re Going to NEAA 2020 East Coast ISO agents and payments professionals: we’re ready to do business with you at this year’s Northeast Acquirers Association 2020 annual conference! Quantum will be exhibiting at booth #69. If you’re an ISO agent/payments professional looking to earn higher residual splits and more personal freedom, then you need to […]

Cash Discount Calculator – Find Out How Much You Can Save!

By 2022, only 11% of in-store shoppers will pay in cash. That’s it. The majority of your customers prefer – and will continue to prefer – to pay with credit card. And that, my friend, is a good thing: it means you might qualify to drastically reduce your credit card processing fees under a cash […]

Quantum Is Taking Franchise Expo West 2019 by Storm!

Swing By Booth #743! From December 5th to the 7th, Quantum Electronic Payments will be at Franchise Expo West Booth #743 at the Long Beach Convention Center. Our team will be showing off our high-end POS terminals, and we’ll be available to answer any questions you might have. There’s a conversation to be had between us, […]

ISO Agents! Come Find Us at WSAA 2019!

They told you that agents never have job security. They underpaid you for hustling in the field. Your residuals never reflected the work you put in to close deals, nor could those residuals fund the lifestyle that deep down you felt like you deserved. It’s about time that changed, don’t you think? At Quantum Electronic […]

5 Cash Discount Benefits Visa and Mastercard Are Hoping You Don’t Hear About

“Cash discounts are illegal. They don’t work. They only hurt business owners.” That’s what the big credit card companies want you to believe, and you know what, they almost got away with it. Almost. What they don’t want you to know is that it is 100% legal to run a cash discount program. They don’t […]

How to Offset Inflation Without Raising Your Prices

If you could time travel back 100 years, you’d be rich. That $20 bill in your wallet would be enough to send you on a nice shopping spree through town – just imagine how much damage you could do with the rest of your savings! Unfortunately prices don’t stay still; they’re constantly soaring or falling. […]

Cash Discount vs Trade Discount: Which Is Better for Your Business?

Cash discount … trade discount … what’s the big difference? And how is that even relevant to your business? A cash discount is when your posted prices are the prices your customers pay when they pay in cash, while card-paying customers pay those prices plus an extra service charge. On the other hand, a trade […]

A Letter from CEO Jerry Lai – Taking Over the Payment Processor World

Dear Business Owner/ Entrepreneur / Go-Getter, Don’t you want to take your money back from the banks? The credit card payment industry is a daunting and confusing world to navigate. You’ve got the banks, your customers, payment processors, and credit card companies all looking out for themselves – and it’s often the hard-working merchant that […]

How to Implement a Legal and Compliant Cash Discount Program

By now, you’ve probably become aware of the rising popularity of Cash Discount programs as a way to offset your merchant service fees. A Cash Discount program is a method of implementing a service fee to all customers who pay with a card, while providing a discount to those who pay with cash. Cash Discount […]

Determining if a Cash Discount Program is Right For Your Business

If you’re a small retail business such as a liquor store, restaurant, etc. and pay more than $20 for credit card processing, then a Cash Discount program will benefit your business immensely! A Cash Discount program allows you as a merchant to offset merchant fees by passing on the cost to the customer; by incentivizing […]

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