Cash Discount Calculator – Find Out How Much You Can Save!

By 2022, only 11% of in-store shoppers will pay in cash. That’s it.

The majority of your customers prefer – and will continue to prefer – to pay with credit card. And that, my friend, is a good thing: it means you might qualify to drastically reduce your credit card processing fees under a cash discount program!

Today, rather than roll through the normal cash discount spiel you’ve heard before, we’ve instead attached a cash discount calculator that estimates how much your business could save running our Qrev Cash Discount Program. Let’s dig into how it works.


Your Savings Calculator

Ready to find out how much money you can save with Quantum?

The calculator is pretty self-explanatory – slide the cursor until you reach the amount you pay in monthly processing fees. You can also enter your total fees on the line to the right. Note that the slider provides estimates every $100; round up your total fees to the nearest hundred and slide away!


So you’ve estimated your savings. What do you think?

Cash discounts are inexpensive to set up, require minimal training and adjustment, and net lots of revenue. Lucky for you, countless merchants have set up and operated successful cash discount programs. We’ll work with you to make sure your program is compliant AND profitable.

That’s all without mentioning that we provide you with all the signage and POS technology required by your state. Stress less and sign up with us, get everything you need, stay legally compliant, and save on a monthly basis.

Click here to see if your business qualifies for our Qrev Cash Discount Program!

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