Want More Revenue? Let Your Customers Pay the Way They Want with NFC

Cash, checks, coupons, swiping, chips, contactless technology, EBT. These are just a few of the ways customers pay for goods in today’s economy. Now let’s say you own your own business. Why would you refuse to let your customers pay the way they want to? That’s flushing revenue you could be making down the drain! […]

How to Steal Away Amazon’s Customers with Your POS System

Amazon is coming for your customers. You might have heard about Amazon Go, the company’s new retail chain that runs without cashiers and cash registers. Customers simply walk in, buy what they need, and leave – all while their Amazon app charges them from their pocket. It’s literally as easy as it sounds. But does […]

A Letter from CEO Jerry Lai – Taking Over the Payment Processor World

Dear Business Owner/ Entrepreneur / Go-Getter, Don’t you want to take your money back from the banks? The credit card payment industry is a daunting and confusing world to navigate. You’ve got the banks, your customers, payment processors, and credit card companies all looking out for themselves – and it’s often the hard-working merchant that […]

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