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First Month Free Fees – Reimbursement Incentive

First Month Free Fees - Reimbursement Incentive

Quantum may reimburse all of the first statement month processing fee including but not limited to Interchange and Discount fee when Merchant signs the standard Quantum Merchant Processing Agreement. 

a) Reimbursement Exclusions: The processing fee shall not include any Early Termination Fee, chargebacks, retrieval fee, ACH Reject Fee, Gateway fee, software fee, third-party vendor fee, or any fee which is not a part of the processing fee determined by Quantum’s sole discretion. The First Month Free Reimbursement will exclusively apply to Merchant Accounts approved by December 31, 2023 and activated by January 31, 2024; and shall not exceed $1,000.00.

b) Monthly Minimum Requirement: Merchant volume must also exceed the monthly minimum (when applicable) to qualify for the First Month Free Fees Reimbursement Incentive.

c) Reimbursement Term: The First Month Free Fees Reimbursement will be paid to the Merchant after the Merchant Account has been fully activated for 90 days.

d) Repayment: Merchant may be obligated to repay First Month Free if Merchant Account is terminated or cancelled, either by Quantum or the Client, in accordance with the Merchant Processing Agreement, and within the initial term dictated by the Merchant Processing Agreement.

e) Exclusive Offer: The First Month Free cannot be coupled with any other promotions, unless stated otherwise and agreed upon by the sole discretion of Quantum ePay

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