Talino Venture Labs Selects Quantum ePay to Power Financial Inclusion Technology

October 13, 2022

ANAHEIM, CA – Quantum ePay, a payments and growth technology company, today announced its partnership with Talino Venture Labs, a venture studio and an inclusive platform for global banking that builds repeatable, scalable, and profitable financial technologies that empower international segments traditionally unserved by financial institutions. This unique mission-centered partnership will deliver cost-effective payment processing solutions to entrepreneurs and growing businesses as part of Talino’s renowned Financial Inclusion Technology stack.

“Talino Venture Labs continues to lead the way in empowering underserved communities with premier fintech solutions,” said Keny Chang, Talino’s Chief Operations and Compliance Officer. “That’s why we chose Quantum ePay as our preferred paytech partner—to deliver the affordable, frictionless, omnichannel payment processing experience our venture partners are looking for.”

“We are proud to partner with Talino Venture Labs in their mission to bridge the financial inclusion gap for 1.7 billion people across the globe,” said Jerry Lai, CEO of Quantum ePay. “Talino fills a vitally important role in the fintech space, and Quantum is well-positioned to elevate Talino’s solutions for the long haul.”

About Quantum ePay
Quantum ePay (Quantum) is a Financial Technology company that helps businesses of all types and sizes accept payments, increase revenues, and enhance customer experience. With flexible omnichannel solutions, Quantum delivers end-to-end Payments and Growth Technologies that accelerate profits and efficiencies for retail, ecommerce, B2B, and service organizations. Infused with an unyielding commitment to provide industry-leading Customer Care, Quantum is a trusted, vital, easy-to-work-with partner for thousands of businesses across all 50 states.

Learn more at quantumepay.com.

About Talino Venture Labs
Talino Venture Labs (Talino) is an award-winning, mission-centered venture studio that makes global banking and financial services available to all by building inclusive, repeatable, scalable, and profitable fintech. Talino’s proprietary financial technology stack, Talino FITTM, delivers unrivaled agility and efficiency in building and scaling new technologies and businesses. With an impact-driven spirit and premium financial technology solutions, Talino is a trusted growth accelerator for thousands of businesses around the world.

Learn more at talinolabs.com.

By: The Quantum Team

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