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Quantum ePay Launches Omnichannel Solution for FFL Dealers

April 13, 2023 

As a preferred payment solutions provider for firearm dealers, ammunition dealers, and federal firearm licensees (FFLs), Quantum ePay is proud to announce the release of Quantum FFL, a premium end-to-end omnichannel selling solution. With unparalleled technology, seamless user experience, low payment processing rates, and integrated marketing functionality, Quantum FFL gives firearm and ammunition dealers the preeminent all-in-one solution to sell in-store, online, and at sanctioned gun/ammo shows.

Common FFL Challenges

FFLs face unique challenges that can stagnate growth, including:

  • Difficulty finding payment processors
  • 4% or higher transaction fees (up to 6% on gunbroker.com)
  • Limited ecommerce options

These challenges reduce marketing opportunities, sales volume, and profitability due to limited market penetration and unusually high card processing rates… but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Online FFL Sales Trends

As of 2021, only 54% of all U.S. firearm retailers sold their products online, and an even smaller percentage had a sales-ready website. Meanwhile, a staggering 4/5 of retail shoppers researched their purchases prior to buying last year. That means if you’re an FFL dealer without a custom website or a gun-friendly payment processor, you could be missing out on huge chunks of profit.

Quantum FFL

Quantum FFL lets you tap into your business’ full potential with end-to-end omnichannel selling. Every Quantum FFL merchant receives:

  • A fully customizable, sales-optimized FFL ecommerce platform
  • A next-gen wireless smart terminal for in-store and at-event transactions.
  • Processing rates as low as 0.2% + 50 cents per sale.

Quantum FFL gives firearm and ammunition dealers a fully-compliant omnichannel selling system that reaches new markets, increases profits, and automatically routes shipping to other FFLs for customer pickup.

To learn more about our two Quantum FFL packages and to sign up, visit quantumepay.com/ffl

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