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Multiple Pricing Plans

Pricing plans for every type of business.

Drive the most profit to your business with a plan that best suits you.

Most Profitable


Our most popular plan. QRev® allows you to offset 100% of your in person transaction fees, saving merchants at least $3,800 per year, on average.

Most Flexible


Our most loved plan. FlexPay® puts you in control of your payment processing and also saves you thousands per year.

Most Predictable

Flat Rate

Our simplest and most predictable plan. Pay a flat rate of 2.40% + 10 cents per in-person transaction, or 2.80% + 30 cents when not in-person.

Industry-Low Rates

Choose a plan that works for you.

Select from one of our industry-low pricing plans.


Maximum Savings


Per Month Unlimited


Charged to you: $0
Charged to cardholder: 3%

Flat Rate

Simple & Clear


+ 10¢ Per Transaction



Hybrid: Qrev + Flat Rate


Per Month Unlimited
+Select Transactions


Transactions processed via Qrev
Charged to you: $0
Charged to cardholder: 3%

Transactions processed via Flat Rate
Charged to you: 2.3%
Charged to cardholder: 0%


Next-gen Interchange +

Let's Talk

2.2% Average Effective Rate


Per Occurrence Fees

Quantum offers complimentary PCI compliance & chargeback support.

$0 Cancellation Fee

$0 Deposit Fee

$0 Setup Fee

$0 Customer Service Fee

$0 Other Fee

$0 User Fee

$30 TIN-Mismatch Fee

$30 ACH Reject Fee

$30 Retrieval Fee

$30 PCI Non-Compliance Fee

$30 Chargeback Fee

Huge Savings

Save thousands per year with Quantum.

Yearly savings compared to Square’s rates for in person and not in person rates.

In Person

Average Savings

Qrev: $3,808.65
FlexPay: $1,007.72
Flat Rate: $187.87

Not In Person

Average Savings

Qrev: $4,033.59
FlexPay: $1,245.41
Flat Rate: $582.02

POS Solutions

Streamline your checkout.

Solutions that make doing business faster and easier for you and your customers.

Dejavoo QD2

Everything you need to process payments – all in a portable, handheld wireless smart terminal.

Quantum ePay - Dejavoo QD2 Wireless Credit Card Terminal

Revel POS

Streamline operations, integrate online ordering, and deliver the ideal checkout experience.

Not In Person Payments

Master remote transactions with Qoin.

Intelligent payments orchestration for remote and recurring transactions.

Quantum ePay - Qoin Gateway Payment Processing and Invoicing


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