How Businesses Can Save Money in 2023

January 5, 2023
As the inflation roller coaster rolls along, we asked our experts how businesses can save money in 2023. Here’s what they had to say:

Automate Tasks
Leveraging technology to automate tedious processes can save businesses thousands of dollars every month in labor hours. From accounting to email marketing, many business operations can be automated with minimal setup of simple tech tools.

“Our business clients are constantly blown away by how much of their marketing functions we can automate for them,” says Nate Romo, Digital Operations Manager at Quantum ePay. “Technology can be scary, but we love showing business leaders how simple it can be to eliminate manual tasks through automation and web tools like SmartSite®.”

Consolidate Excess
Have you taken a closer look at your vendor relationships recently? Many businesses are paying a premium for unnecessary or duplicate services. What about your inventory? A quick audit may reveal some easy cost savings by cutting some lower impact items from your stock.

“Businesses are often shocked by how much duplication of efforts exists within their organization,” says Quantum ePay’s Head of Accounting, Ayumi Iwata. “It’s always a best practice to regularly audit your vendor relationships for overlapping functionality – especially with subscription products.”

Facilitate Profit
Facilitate means “to make easier.” Here at Quantum, we’re making it as easy as possible for businesses to boost profits. That’s why we developed FlexPay® – the only payment processing program that gives merchants the power to accept card payments for 2.3% per transaction… or less.

Get 2.3% in 2023: With FlexPay® you’re in complete control. Start with our industry-best flat-rate processing, or eliminate your processing fees altogether. Interested? Chat with one of our Payments Experts at 866-954-5915.

2.3% (or less) + 10 cents​
2.49% – 2.99% + 15 cents
2.6% + 10 cents​
$50-$290/month + 2.3%-2.6% + 10 cents​
2.7% + 5 cents​

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