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3 Ways to Protect Your Retail Business from Theft

Imagine walking into your business on a Monday morning…only to find your front window shattered, your POS system missing, and your inventory in disarray. Awful feeling, right? Now imagine going to sleep at night, not a single worry in mind, because you know your retail business is fortified with powerful security technology. Great feeling, right? […]

How the Best Local Businesses Get the Most out of Their Employees

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In business, hiring the right person is like winning the lottery. Leadership is everything – those with it succeed, and those without it falter. That’s why a baseball team could lose 100 games one season, hire the right coach, and then win 100 games the following season. It explains why a classroom with poor test […]

What is a Cash Discount and How is it Different From Surcharging?

Accepting credit cards is a necessity of running and growing a business, but it’s often difficult to offset the merchant service fees, also known as interchange or swipe fees. These fees which range from 1-4% for each credit card swipe, can result in a significant loss in profits and might be difficult for you to […]

3 Easy Ways to Promote Your Small Business for Small Business Saturday

Started in 2010 by American Express in an effort to drive more shoppers to small businesses, Small Business Saturday has quickly become a holiday of its own. On November 26th, millions of shoppers will support their local businesses. Here’s how you can easily set yourself apart from the pack and prepare for Small Business Saturday. […]

Prepare Yourself, Shoppers Are Coming

With Black Friday shopping less than a week away, it’s crunch time for merchants as they prepare for waves of shoppers looking for holiday deals. Merchants can alleviate some of the pressure and streamline their business operations during the holiday months by implementing these four tactics: Make sure your Payments are in working order: Retailers […]

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