How Selling Gift Cards Drums Up Business and Inspires Customer Loyalty

Guess how much the average holiday shopper spent on gift cards in 2016. Not $10. Not $20. $46! Besides being a hot item to sell, gift cards are extremely powerful marketing tools for any business. They’re a great way to attract new customers, customers that are more likely to return to your business in the […]

5 Cash Discount Benefits Visa and Mastercard Are Hoping You Don’t Hear About

“Cash discounts are illegal. They don’t work. They only hurt business owners.” That’s what the big credit card companies want you to believe, and you know what, they almost got away with it. Almost. What they don’t want you to know is that it is 100% legal to run a cash discount program. They don’t […]

Prepare Yourself, Shoppers Are Coming

With Black Friday shopping less than a week away, it’s crunch time for merchants as they prepare for waves of shoppers looking for holiday deals. Merchants can alleviate some of the pressure and streamline their business operations during the holiday months by implementing these four tactics: Make sure your Payments are in working order: Retailers […]

Where We Are Going: Contactless Cards – Right Now We Have Contact/Contactless

EMV. Chip cards. Smart cards. Nowadays merchants and customers hear these words all the time. The EMV card — which stands for Europay, Mastercard and Visa — is the global standard for chip-equipped cards; these chips authenticate transactions as they happen. As merchants, you’ve probably noticed customers dipping their cards rather than swiping them. This […]

EMV Payments Are Coming. What Do You Need to Know?

Practically every country in the world has fully transitioned from magnetic stripe cards to EMV-enabled credit cards—except for the United States. Named for the three companies that created it—Europay, Mastercard, and Visa—EMV is a tiny chip embedded in many payment cards. It is virtually impossible to counterfeit and offers much stronger security features than most […]

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